WVU Medicine is home to West Virginia’s first and only multi-organ transplant center

More than 3,800 people in the U.S. are on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Many others facing advanced heart failure don’t know that a life-saving heart transplant is an option. No one should have to travel far for necessary medical treatment. That’s why the WVU Medicine Transplant Alliance is pioneering new techniques and developing one-of-a-kind programs – like heart transplant – to serve West Virginians and others across our region.

Heart transplant is one of many treatment options available to patients diagnosed with advanced heart failure. Depending on your condition, other treatments and therapies may be recommended. These treatments range from medications and lifestyle changes to implanted devices that help the heart pump.

Before heart transplant is recommended, patients receive a comprehensive evaluation by our nationally recognized Advanced Heart Failure team at the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute. If transplant is a potential option, patients are paired with a transplant coordinator to serve as a partner during the evaluation process. They will continue to partner with you throughout the transplant process if transplant is recommended.

During your half-day evaluation appointment, you and your loved ones will meet our transplant team, including the state’s only board-certified heart failure cardiologists, transplant surgeon, transplant coordinator, pharmacist, dietitian, social worker, and financial coordinator. Together, we’ll evaluate your health and discuss other factors that can impact transplant surgery success. Your evaluation appointment will end with blood work and a list of testing that is necessary for the evaluation process. Our team is available to assist in coordinating the recommended tests.

At WVU Medicine, you are part of our team. You’ll never feel like you’re embarking on this journey alone.

To get started on the path to heart transplant, visit WVUMedicine.org/Transplant.

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