West Virginia congresswoman Miller says she’ll vote for Kevin McCarthy as many times as it takes

Congresswoman Carol Miller voted three times Tuesday for Kevin McCarthy to be the next speaker of the House of Representatives.

She voted for McCarthy three times more on Wednesday.

And Miller, a Republican from Cabell County, says she’ll vote for McCarthy a seventh time today and as many days as it takes.

“I will vote for him a seventh time,” Miller said today on MetroNews’ “Talkline.” “I will vote for him as long as he’s a candidate.”

Alex Mooney

West Virginia’s other Republican congressman, Alex Mooney of Charles Town, has also voted for McCarthy during each of the rounds so far. “Thus far, I’ve been voting for Kevin McCarthy, but some Republican at some point — we’re all committed to voting for Republicans — needs to get 218 votes,” Mooney said in a livestreamed video from the Capitol on Wednesday.

The House of Representatives was gaveling in again today at midday for another vote or votes to pick a leader.

Without selecting a speaker, Congress is unable to swear in new members, set rules, set up committees or engage in a range of basic actions.

So Miller and Mooney are, technically, representatives-elect but have not been sworn in and are not yet officially assigned to committees for this congress.

McCarthy has been the most recent leader for Republicans in the House. But now, as Republicans are poised to take over a narrow majority, his leadership is in doubt because of opposition by about 20 colleagues from his own party.

The threshold to become speaker is an outright majority of members of Congress taking part in the vote. The212 participating Democrats have consistently voted for Hakeem Jeffries as speaker. Most Republicans have voted for McCarthy. But the 20 holdouts have voted for others, so McCarthy hasn’t been able to reach the necessary number.

As Congress recessed overnight, McCarthy’s team continued to try to shore up votes by making concessions on some demands by the holdouts.

“I’m just disappointed because it’s time for us to do what we were elected to do,” Miller said, “and get to work on things like the border and our economy and all the things that are important to America.”

Miller said she supports McCarthy as the guy who can lead in those areas.

“He’s our leader. I’ve known him for over four years, I’ve served with him for four years. He has everything you’d want in a leader. He listens. He’s strong on issues. He’s done so much with the commitment for America. He’s been organized and helped candidates all over America. He is our leader.”

In his livestreamed video on Wednesday, Mooney expressed optimism about reaching a conclusion.

“I know a lot of people are critical right now. I think the discussions we’re having will make the party healthier in the end. I think we have to respect all points of view, work through some issues to make sure this chamber works the way the founders of our country intended.”

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