The One Unique Restaurant In West Virginia Where You Can Eat Both Chicken & Waffles And Filipino Food

Fusion cuisine. It’s a fun new trend (or perhaps not so new!) in which flavors from a variety of cultures are blended together into a single dish or a single restaurant menu or both. Creative chefs have hopped on board, experimenting with new combinations of foods with some amazing results. Get a front-row seat to fusion cuisine right here in West Virginia at Barkadas in Charleston, where the dishes on the menu are a perfectly unique blend of Filipino, Southeast Asian, Spanish, and American flavors.

Learn more about the menu options and operating hours of this unique fusion restaurant in West Virginia at the Barkadas website. You can also find the restaurant on Facebook. Love fusion food? The Green Pineapple in Shepherdstown is another deliciously unique choice.

Address: Barkadas Restaurant, 100 Cantley Dr, Charleston, WV 25314, USA

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