West Virginia Sinkhole Is About to Swallow an Entire Police Station

VIDEO | Sinkhole threatens Hinton police department in West Virginia

The good news is, the city has a plan. Sort of. State Senator Stephen Baldwin shared the WVDOH’s two-part plan on Facebook. First, “[a] temporary bridge will be erected this weekend to allow traffic to safely travel through the area.” And second, the state will spend an estimated $5 million on what it believes will be a permanent solution.


Some reactions to the post were supportive, but quite a few others expressed concern, with one resident writing:

I am probably not the only one that feels less then optimistic any progress will be made anytime soon. For 5 months you are the only one I have seen given any updates to our community until the recent public outrage. The hole has been growing with each rainfall, you would think after the giant sink hole at my grandmothers 4 avenues away 20 yrs ago that swallowed my dad’s camper and shut down the road, a plan would already be put in place for this type of thing.


Hopefully, the DOH’s attempt to fix the hole is successful, and no one gets hurt in another sudden collapse.

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