The West Virginia State Park Where You Can Hike Across A Swinging Bridge And A Mill Bridge Is A Grand Adventure

Babcock State Park in West Virginia is so world famous for the iconic Glade Creek Gristmill that sometimes, people forget about all the other amazing attractions tucked away in this stunning West Virginia State Park. There are scenic overlooks. There’s a unique rock arch. There are staircases, both wooden and stone. And then there are the bridges — beautiful, old-fashioned, unique, picturesque bridges that carry travelers back and forth over scenic Glade Creek (spoiler alert: one of them is even a swinging bridge).

Learn more and book an overnight stay at Babcock State Park so that you can explore all this area has to offer, including these scenic bridges, by heading over to the West Virginia State Parks website. Who knew that there was such a picturesque swinging bridge right here in West Virginia? Oh, and here’s more on those scenic Babcock overlooks we mentioned earlier, too.

Address: Babcock State Park, 486 Babcock Rd, Clifftop, WV 25831, USA

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