A Secret Door Will Take You To An Underground Speakeasy In West Virginia That Was Built In 1900

One of the best-kept secrets in historic downtown Charleston, West Virginia is Hale House, a bourbon-style bistro located at 212 Hale Street. It’s reminiscent of an older place and time (like, perhaps, the year 1900 when the building that houses this restaurant was built), yet Hale House offers a modern, made-from-scratch, locally sourced menu that includes the largest selection of bourbons, whiskeys, and other spirits in the entire state.

Learn all about Hale House (and the Hale House Speakeasy, of course!) on the restaurant’s website or Facebook page. Are you a fan of unique dining experiences? In Charleston, West Virginia, not only can you visit the Hale House Speakeasy for a drink, but you can also dine inside a wine barrel. Who knew?

Address: Hale House, 212 Hale St, Charleston, WV 25301, USA

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