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Nearly all of the attention during this 2022 election season has been focused on which party will control Congress for the next two years. Will Democrats lose the House but keep the Senate? Will the midterms hold true to form and see a power shift in Congress that propels Republicans to majorities in both chambers?

That’s important, but as we have pointed out many times, that should not be the most immediate concern for West Virginia voters. Members of Congress do not pass laws in Charleston. They do not balance county budgets or provide additional funding for local schools. And they most certainly do not hold any sway when it comes to the future of taxing in West Virginia, or oversight for education policy. Those two issues are part of four constitutional amendments Mountain State voters will decide on Nov. 8.

How local residents vote over the next few weeks will have a bearing on all the above-listed matters and more. Early voting begins Wednesday, Oct. 26 in West Virginia and continues, with the exception of Sundays, through Nov. 5. That gives every registered voter ample time to visit the polls.

Along with the four constitutional amendments, there will be state House of Delegates races on the ballot, with a change this year in that each district is a single-member district. Half of the state Senate seats also are up for grabs. Locally, voters will elect county commissioners, clerks and others in each county; and there are municipal elections and ballot issues to decide.

We encourage West Virginians to make use of the early voting system. It ensures that, should some unforeseen circumstance keep you from getting to the polls on Nov. 8, your voice will be heard — and that matters.

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