West Virginia Daily News to hold candidates' debate Oct. 27 Daily News

LEWISBURG (WVDN)- Over the next year, the West Virginia Daily News will be hosting a number of forums that focus on society and economic issues that impact our community.

The 2022 Midterms Debate, set for Thursday, Oct. 27, from 6-8 p.m. at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg is the first of this series.

“Since 1852, our mission has been ‘Nothing shall be indifferent to us in which advances the cause of truth and morality, or which concerns the welfare of the community in which we live,’” says West Virginia Daily News publisher Scot Refsland, Ph.D.

“Public forums such as this debate help inform the community of their choices of representatives who will represent us in Charleston for the next two years. Thank you for being a supporter of the Daily News for all these years and helping to keep community news alive and well,” he said.

The debate begins at 6 p.m. with moderator Ken Allman delivering the debate summary and rules overview.

The District 46 House of Delegates debate between Paul Detch (D) and incumbent Mike Honaker (R) will follow.

After an intermission, the District 10 state senate debate will commence with incumbent Sen. Stephen Baldwin (D) facing candidates Vince Deeds (R), Harry Lee Forbes (I), and Aaron Ransom (I).

Following the debate, candidates will take questions from the audience.

The event will be livestreamed on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/wvdailynews. Video streaming services will be provided by Eli Morgan of Fly304 Productions.

Those interested in submitting questions ahead of time are encouraged to participate in our 2022 Midterm Election Poll at www.wvdn.com. There you can submit questions while also sharing your opinion about issues.

The West Virginia Daily News wishes to thank the Rainelle Medical Center and staff, Carnegie Hall and staff, and Eli Morgan of Fly304 Productions for their support.

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