West Virginia to see first snow of the Fall season on Tuesday

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – As the first big blast of cold air makes its way down towards the Ohio Valley, we also will see our first chance for snowflakes since back in April.

Map of the Jetstream and future temperatures

The Set Up: A big dip in the Jetstream is allowing cold air that normally sits over Northern Canada, to move on as fall south as Texas and Florida. We will be seeing our high afternoon temperatures sitting in the 40’s on Tuesday and Wednesday. With our overnight temperatures and morning lows sitting down into the mid to low 30’s.

Predictors look at Tuesday Morning Flurries

Timing: Our first chance to see flurries will begin Tuesday morning for the mid morning hours. As we see our temperatures sitting in the mid 30’s, what would normally be mist or drizzle from full overcast skies, will be the chance for some very spotty flurries. Most areas will sit mostly cloudy for the morning, but some flakes can’t be ruled out. These will be so light that if you aren’t out and about looking for snowflakes you will most likely miss them.

Predictors dinner time thoughts

As we progress throughout the afternoon, we will see our temperatures warm up into the low 40’s, with any precipitation likely falling as a light Drizzle or mist. Then by dinner time we see some light to moderate rain showers developing along I-77, that could turn into snow showers as the sunsets and we see our temperatures drop back down to the 30’s.

Wednesday morning Predictor

By the time we make it to Wednesday morning, the snow showers will be south of our area, giving way to some more flurries throughout the day.

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