West Virginia State University offering free 24-hour student pantry

INSTITUTE, W.Va. (WSAZ) – West Virginia State University TRIO Student Support Services are making it a little easier for college students to feel clean, fed and taken care of.

“Anything a college student could possibly need from detergent, to chargers, to food, to meat,” said Rosalyn Cary with TRIO. “Anything to assist them in their journey through college and make it easier.”

It’s a free pantry that started in the pandemic, and students use it every day now.

“A little before COVID, we realized the need for students to have food and snacks in their area, and it just expanded,” Cary said.

With on-campus accessibility, it’s a help for those who don’t have transportation, or money to spend at the store.

“It’s a great thing because they could come right here to the pantry to get what they need,” said WVSU student Najee Richards. “They have everything in here. Me, I know it’s going to be helpful for me. It’s been hard to get some things.”

“I think sometimes we take it for granted that we as adults have and are able to have access to because of employment,” Cary said. “We have students here that aren’t employed. Some are, and they just don’t have access.”

It’s a federally funded program, and it doesn’t stop and food and home supplies. You can get tutoring, academic advising and help with financial planning.

“What it means to me is I know they’re looking out for the students,” Richards said.

The pantry is open for 24-hour access.

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