West Virginia Gov. Justice, county and municipal officials speak out against Amendment 2 – WV News

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WV News) — In November, voters will weigh in on four proposed amendments to the West Virginia Constitution.

The amendments cover a range of issues, from impeachment proceedings to church incorporation to government oversight of education.


Gov. Jim Justice


Craig Blair


Allen at Marion Commission

West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy Executive Director Kelly Allen gives a presentation on Amendment 2 to the Marion County Commission.

Randy Elliott


Preston Commission

Commissioners Dave Price, Samantha Stone and Don Smith have expressed some concerns about Amendment 2’s possible impact on county budgets.

Mon Commission 9/14

The Monongalia County Commission recently adopted a resolution warning residents of the “potentially devastating and far-reaching impacts that Amendment 2 could have on local government services in Monongalia County.”

Rocky Romano

Harrison County Assessor Rocky Romano talks to the Harrison County Mayors Association about Amendment 2.

Del. Adam Burkhammer, R-Lewis


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