Notes from the opponent: West Virginia

The Daily Texan sat down with Zach Anderson, sports editor for The Daily Athenaeum, to talk about what fans can expect from West Virginia ahead of Saturday’s Big 12 matchup. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity. 

The Daily Texan: Can you tell me a little about what happened during this previous game against Virginia Tech? 

Zach Anderson: I was pretty impressed with West Virginia’s defense. It showed its first ever really good performance this season. West Virginia allowed 49 points to Kansas and 38 points to Pitt during the first game. 

DT: Do you think that West Virginia’s game plan coming into this Texas game is just have the defensive line stop the run?

ZA: I think that’s gonna be the most important aspect because to stop someone like Bijan Robinson, West Virginia is going to have to really play a good game. And Texas has a big, strong offensive line. 

I definitely think the defensive line is gonna be important, but I think the defense as a whole is gonna be the most important thing. West Virginia needs to have a game like it did against Virginia Tech, where it controlled the game defensively to have a good chance.

DT: What has JT Daniels been able to do for West Virginia so far? 

ZA: He’s elevated the program since he’s been here and was announced to be the starter. There were higher expectations (for him) because he’s a former five-star recruit and former starter at Georgia. He’s going to make the throw, he’s going to put it where it needs to be. 

DT: What are your predictions for the game?Un

ZA: I’m riding high on the momentum right now. I think I’m gonna get West Virginia in a close one. I’ve got to stick with my early season predictions, because I predicted before the season started that West Virginia was going to beat Texas, 34-28. I think that West Virginia’s defense is going to be sloppy, but I think Daniels will take the offense and finish it off.

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