Route 50 Is A Beautiful Drive That Runs Through West Virginia

There’s no better state for a scenic drive than the Mountain State. That’s especially true along Route 50, a cross-country highway that runs right through the entire state of West Virginia. From Capon Bridge on the Virginia border to Parkersburg near Ohio, this beautiful drive through West Virginia is filled with scenic mountain views and historic small towns. Here’s just a smattering of the many gems you’ll find along this route.

And these are just a smattering of the scenic small towns you’ll pass through on a beautiful drive along Route 50 through West Virginia. What are you waiting for?

Address: Capon Bridge, WV 26711, USA

Address: Romney, WV 26757, USA

Address: Clarksburg, WV, USA

Address: Grafton, WV 26354, USA

Address: West Union, WV 26456, USA

Address: Parkersburg, WV, USA

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