Isle of Wight seafront art not a Banksy his Pest Control team confirms

HOLIDAYMAKER Jean Cooke has been left disappointed after she thought she’d discovered a piece of art by Banksy in Shanklin.

She was on a coach trip from Morecombe in Lancashire with friends Liz Wilson and Mary Davis when the trio discovered the artwork on a walk along the Esplanade from Shanklin towards Sandown.

Jean sent a photo of the artwork in to the County Press, who ran it past Banksy’s authenticators, Pest Control.

“This is not by the artist Banksy” was the swift response.

Isle of Wight County Press: Picture contributed by Jean Cooke.Picture contributed by Jean Cooke.

Jean said: “I hoped I’d discovered a Banksy and I’m so disappointed it’s not.

“It would have been nice to discover one. If I hadn’t phoned up the County Press and mentioned it, I would never have known the truth. 

“It’s a very good take-off.”

The stencil graffiti is in the style of Banksy’s famous 2002 artwork Girl With Balloon, but with a Bitcoin symbol in the balloon.

In 2010, the Isle of Wight Council made national headlines when it painted over some artwork attributed to Banksy. 

Isle of Wight County Press: A clipping from the County Press in 2010.A clipping from the County Press in 2010.

The council said at the time: “We are not the first local authority to remove Banksy’s work from council property and I’m sure won’t be the last. As a council, we are not art critics, we have a duty to remove unauthorised graffiti, especially following complaints from residents, as was the case in Shanklin.”


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