Halftime update: West Virginia University leads Virginia Tech 13-7 at halftime

Now it’s halftime in Blacksburg where the West Virginia Mountaineers lead the Virginia Tech Hokies 13-7 on the Hokies’ home turf.

WVU had a late first-quarter lead of 3-0 thanks to a successful field goal by the Moutaineers’ Casey Legg.

But that lead was short-lived – just as the second quarter started, VT took the ball down the field. In eight plays, the Hokies scored a touchdown, bringing the score up to 7-3.

The Mountaineers took possession again, but not for long – fast-forward several plays, and they fumbled the ball, which was then recovered by the Hokies’ Dorian Strong – to no avail. The Mountaineers gained possession once more late into the second quarter, and their Casey Legg kicked another field goal, bringing the score to 7-6 with just 1:50 remaining.

The clock was ticking, and the Hokies punted the ball away after a penalty was called for defensive holding. With less than a minute remaining, WVU’s JT Daniels led with some big passes, and when the clock hit 17 seconds, the Mountaineers called a timeout.

A timeout that was perfectly timed, though – following the break came a big play by WVU late in the half – JT Daniels made a pass to Sam James for a touchdown.

At the end of the first half, the West Virginia Mountaineers were leading the Virginia Tech Hokies 13-7.

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