I’m a pest control expert… my four hacks will banish pigeons from your garden fast, and they’re 100 percent effective

A PEST control expert has shared four hacks that will repel pigeons from your garden – and you will see the results fast.

Although they might appear harmless, not only can pigeons cause significant damage to your garden and property but these birds can also carry disease.

Pest control experts shared their top tricks to repel pigeons from your garden - and they're 100 percent effective


Pest control experts shared their top tricks to repel pigeons from your garden – and they’re 100 percent effectiveCredit: Alamy

Fortunately, pest control experts have shared their top tips that are “100 percent effective”, The Express reported.

Like most pests, pigeons require a safe area with a supply of food in order to survive.

Once they come across a stable food source, these birds will likely create several nests, since they like to live in large numbers.

To make matters even worse, pigeons are not fussy eaters – they’ll happily munch on just about anything from junk to seeds in your garden.

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So what can you do to repel them from ruining your property?


Pest control gurus at Ovo Control claimed that using netting is a great way to deter pigeons form landing in gardens.

They explained: “Consider using a netting system to physically exclude the birds from gardens.

”If installed properly it’s 100 percent effective.  

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“Newer versions of netting are virtually invisible.”

This simple trick helps to keep the birds away from gaining access to a specific location around your garden and property.

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Experts at Smith’s Pest Management shared the same opinion: “Nylon bird netting can be effective for roofs that have pitches and eaves that are attractive for pigeons.

“Hung vertically along the siding of a building, bird netting prevents birds from perching on the roof or surface of the building.

”For pigeon control, we recommend a 50mm gauge net.”

When it comes to making your garden pigeon-free, pest control pros at World Birds also suggested using netting.

They said: “This is the best pigeon deterrent that will protect the hard work you’ve put in your garden.

”It is best to install netting on thin rods instead of thick planks of wood, as the latter can serve as a roosting area,” the gurus added.

“Make sure to leave a space of at least six inches between the netting and the nearest branch or shrub to prevent birds from picking at it through the mesh.

”Install it at a steep angle so that pigeons won’t be tempted to land on them.”

Bird gels

One of the main keys to get rid of pigeons for good is making your garden less attractive to these birds – and this is where bird repellent gel comes in handy.

The gels, the experts explained, tend to come in three caulk tubes that each can cover an area of about 10 to 12 feet.

The gurus advised: “Load the caulk tube into your caulk gun and apply easily in lines or in dots.

Though they might appear harmless, pigeons can cause a lot of damage to your property


Though they might appear harmless, pigeons can cause a lot of damage to your propertyCredit: Alamy

”Birds that land there will realise the surface is very sticky and they will leave immediately.”

The surfaces will stay sticky for weeks in different weather conditions and as the product is clear, it’s barely noticeable.

The pest control pros added: “This is a safe way to get rid of pigeons without hurting them, but following instructions properly is key.

”Avoid heavily smearing an entire surface with the gel as birds can get stuck and hurt themselves.”

Ultrasonic pigeon repeller  

Unlike humans, birds have a great sense of hearing – and gardeners should use this to their advantage.

The experts said: “They can help remove pigeons from your property by emitting bird distress calls and sounds that predators make.

”It has several settings that allow you to mix several pre-recorded sounds, making it appear more natural. 

“This can be heard by birds within a one acre radius.

”Maximise the sound by installing the device in a high area.

”Pigeons that hear this will think that your home is dangerous and will stay away.”

Install a “scare pigeon”

Another good alternative is installing a scare pigeon, the experts advised.

“Having a scare pigeon that is as life-like as possible is what keeps pigeons away.

”It’s best to get one that is 3D, life-size, and makes erratic movements or emits the raptor sounds.

“But no matter how real it looks and acts, pigeons will eventually get in on the joke if it stays only in one place.

”Move scare-pigeons from place to place to trick the birds into thinking they’re real.”

For those seeking other ways to scare these birds, motion-activated lights, scare tape, and reflective spiral stickers can also deter pigeons from your garden.

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