Six highway projects in southern West Virginia put out for bid

Contracts to replace or upgrade two West Virginia bridges dating from the 1930s are among 17 projects included in a bid letting conducted by the West Virginia Division of Highways on Tuesday.

“We’re talking about bridges that are 90 years old,” said West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) State Bridge Engineer Tracy Brown in a press release from the Department of Transportation. “The design life of most bridges is 75 years, so it’s good to get these older structures replaced or upgraded.”

Over the years, cars and trucks have gotten bigger and heavier. Replacing or upgrading older bridges ensures they can safely carry traffic for years to come.

Bridges to be replaced or upgraded include the Clifford Family Memorial Bridge on U.S. 60 in White Sulphur Springs. Built in 1939, the bridge carries more than 7,000 cars a day. 

Among the 13 projects that were put out for bid statewide, six were in southern West Virginia. They are:

Daniels to Grandview Road paving (Raleigh County)

Peach Tree Orchard to Muddlety paving (Nicholas County)

Clifford Family Memorial Bridge replacement (Greenbrier County)

White Oak Rail Trail lighting (Fayette County)

Interstate 77 signage (Mercer County)

Ralston Branch Bridge Number 2 replacement (Wyoming County)

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