These West Virginia Cities Are Halloween Famous (& Feature A Pumpkin House)

For all the wonderful locations and sights travelers have seen in their lives, sometimes the simpler things, such as an Autumn festival in West Virginia, are the best. Travelers to the state of West Virginia this Fall should take a little time and spend it at C-K AutumnFest, which occurs between the two towns of Credo and Kenova, West Virginia, every year.

Stopping by C-K AutumnFest is a great deal of fun and has become a tradition for many who live in the area. Travelers don’t need to be local to enjoy C-K AutumnFest. Its activities are fun and welcoming to everyone. With so much going on between these two towns this Autumn, travelers would be missing out if they missed the chance to enjoy the fun.


C-K AutumnFest In West Virginia

Ceredo and Kenova, West Virginia, are two towns located next to each other along the Ohio River. From October 21st to the 30th, 2022, these quiet towns will erupt into a spectacle of fun with parades, a pumpkin house, a tractor show, and quite a few other activities too. C-K AutumnFest has been a tradition in the area for years. These fun and entertaining days bring the two towns together each year as they celebrate Autumn at the end of October every year.

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Activities At C-K AutumnFest In West Virginia

It is hard to pin the number one go-to activity of C-K AutumnFest, but if one had to be chosen, it would likely be The Pumpkin House and its displays of over 3,000 carved pumpkins. The old-fashioned bake-off held during the festival hosts some of the area’s most skilled bakers. Many simply travel to AutumnFest to enjoy the beautiful handmade crafts available at the markets found at C-K AutumnFest. Other popular activities include the Cruize-In and the Tractor Show. There is also an abundance of food vendors to be found at C-K AutumnFest, so visitors won’t need to worry about going hungry. Travelers to West Virginia can look forward to a warm welcome while stopping at AutumnFest.

The Pumpkin House

This incredible annual tradition was started by Ric Griffin with just his family, and since then, it has grown into a spectacle that has been recognized internationally. It is perhaps the most famous and definitely one of the more entertaining activities to check out at C-K AutumnFest.

  • When – October 27th, 2022
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Well before most of the other events, the pageant is open to Queen (adult), Teen, and Child categories. The pageant is to be held on September 18th this year as a way to kick off the events of Autumn.

  • When – September 18th, 2022
  • Sign-UpHere


No festival would be complete without a parade, so of course, C-K AutumnFest has a parade to check out too. Travelers visiting the C-K AutumnFet would catch sight of the local tradition and could even partake in it if they had a float or idea to apply with.

  • When – October 25th at 6:00 pm
  • Join The ParadeApplication


This is the go-to event for car lovers visiting the C-K AutumnFest. This is an incredible opportunity to check out or show off some incredible antique, classic, and custom cars. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Arts & Crafts Show

Travelers can get an early start on the holidays or invest in a little self-care by grabbing something fun and handmade from the Arts & Crafts Show at C-K AutumnFest. Some of the most skilled artisans from the area gather here to show off their goods.

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How To Get There

Travelers will have a couple of ways to reach C-K AutumnFest this Fall. With an incredibly convenient airport, flying in is an easy option. Those that prefer to drive should also have a fairly straightforward time reaching C-K AutumnFest.


Ceredo and Kenova, West Virginia, are quite close to Huntington Tri-State Airport, giving travelers an easy means to fly in and enjoy C-K AutumnFest. It is quite literally less than a ten-minute drive into both towns if traffic conditions are okay. This is an incredibly convenient local airport.


However, flying in isn’t the only or most popular option. Most travelers visiting C-K AutumnFest will end up driving in. With most major cities on the east coast of the US within reasonable driving range, this is also a popular road trip destination. There are few better ways to jazz up an autumn road trip than a stop at C-K AutumnFest.

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