When will it snow in West Virginia?

WHEELING, WV (WTRF) – Just at a moment’s notice, the Fall feeling weather can turn bitter cold and white across West Virginia. So that got us thinking…when can we expect the first snowfall across West Virginia?

A snowy morning across the Ohio Valley.

Well, the exact answer may come as a slight sticker shock.

On average, the region receives its first measurable snowfall around Mid-November. Measurable, as defined by the National Weather Service, means greater than or equal to .1″ of snow or more on the ground.

The Southern extent of West Virginia ranges around Late November for its earliest snowfall.

Yearly snowfall across the Mountain State

It is hard to gauge a good understanding of state-wide average snowfall since the terrain is much higher across the Northern and Eastern portions of West Virginia. On average, the Charleston area receives around 28″ of snow every year. Much higher totals are reported in the mountain ranges, with much lower totals in the valley areas.

The Pittsburgh area receives around 27″ of snow on average for the winter months as well. Since the Wheeling Ohio County Airport does not measure snowfall/snow depth, we will use the Pittsburgh area as our reference point.

Snow measurements for the Ohio Valley.

Dr. Dave Walker started measuring snowfall outside the WTRF 7News Studio when he arrived at WTRF back in 2005. Zach Petey has taken over the reins and combined Dr. Dave’s data to develop a 17-year average for the Downtown Wheeling area (locally higher on hilltops and higher terrain areas are likely).

A look at the 17-year snow totals from Dr. Dave Walker and Zach Petey.

On average, we receive around 35″ of snow from November to April with last year being a less snowy year. We can expect to receive slightly more snowfall compared to the Pittsburgh areas based on recent trends.

It is still way too early to give an estimate as to how much snow this coming winter will provide, but it will be something the StormTracker13 Weather Team will be keeping an eye on and have an update for the winter outlook, likely coming in November/December.

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