West Virginia IT company one of the fastest growing in the country

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — A Harrison County IT company is making the list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States.

Trilogy Innovations was recognized recently as the 590th fastest growing business on Inc. Magazine’s annual list based on their work with several well-known companies.

Randy Cottle (File)

“We take cutting edge software that, whether it’s the Amazons of the world or Googles, or Microsofts, Red Hat, IBM, and we integrate them into huge government agencies,” said Trilogy Innovations COO and Vice President Randy Cottle.

Trilogy Innovations has working relationships with the FBI, NASA, the Air Force and Navy. The combination of work in the public and private sectors, according to Cottle, is considered a major influence in their ranking among the fastest growing companies. The diversity of their work is expected to expand both in the short term and long term.

“We’re actually jockeying for position in getting on teams right now as we speak, to try and bid on more work for the next five years and it’s teaming things like the Wide Oak, Mantech and centers of the world,” Cottle said.

The Bridgeport-based firm is also listed as the 31st fastest-growing IT services companies in the country, according to Inc. Magazine. The list marks a 1,074 percent growth rate for the company.

“We were 31st in the country for IT services, so that’s all of the states in the country, based on our amount of growth, and we rank nationally at 590,” said Cottle.

Trilogy Innovations also operates in Morgantown where they provide architecture and development services for software in a combination of quality and cost-efficiency. This approach, according to Cottle, allows for the company to work not only with major private and government firms, but with local business and startup firms. The broad client base is expected to continue and expand as the company continues nationally recognized growth.

“Connecting with all of those people and getting on people’s radars and getting on teaming opportunities, has been able to allow us to be able to source for all of these positions and how we are able to grow,” Cottle said.

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