Planning A Trip To Vermont In Fall? Here Is What To Expect

Fall is undoubtedly the best time of the year to plan a trip to Vermont, and more than one million travelers visit the state in October alone. The Green Mountain State is known to glow almost every season, but fall is a unique time in northeastern. Many vacationers travel in autumn to experience the breathtaking foliage colors covering the state’s gorgeous mountains, fields, and forests. Other than the spectacular fall colors, visitors can explore Vermont’s historic towns, scenic natural sights, and outdoor adventures. The state is brimming with numerous fall activities to keep travelers busy for the period. Planning a trip to Vermont in the fall? Here is what to expect.


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The Best Time To Visit Vermont For Fall Foliage

Well, the best time to explore Vermont’s fall foliage depends on which part of the state one is looking to visit. There are many places to experience fall in Vermont, and each celebrates fall differently. Vermont’s northern side starts its fall celebration a bit earlier than the rest of the state. It begins around mid-September and peaks in early October. The opposite happens on the southern side, as they receive fall a bit later. So, if planning a fall trip to places like Stowe or the Northeast Kingdom, then travel in late September or at the beginning of October. If visiting Southern Vermont, the first two weeks of October are the best options. Generally, October’s second weekend is the best time to experience the best of Vermont in fall, considering the averages in rainfall and temperatures across the state.

What To Wear For A Vermont Fall Vacation

When packing for a fall vacation in Vermont, travelers must consider the variations in temperatures during the day and night. The sun always shines strong during the day, and vacationers can still wear t-shirts and shorts. But the nights get colder, and one must pack layers. Long sleeves and pants are essential at night.

If hiking in a traveler’s plans in fall, then packing and wearing clothes that cover their entire body is necessary because ticks are very common in this season. Also, one should ensure they pack a tick repellent for safety purposes. What to pack includes a heavier and lightweight coat. A dress, scarf, at least two sweaters, two long sleeve shirts, a pair of leggings, two pairs of jeans, suede booties, waterproof boots, sneakers, and an umbrella.

How To Get Around Vermont In Fall

The most convenient way of getting around Vermont in the fall is renting a car. It is also unfortunate that Green Mountain State has very limited public transportation options to consider in the fall. This means that visitors may not be able to arrive at all the best fall destinations in Vermont. But with driving, getting around the state is fun in the fall, and vacationers may stumble on certain fall hotspots accidentally! With roads in great condition and numerous parking spots, driving a car around Vermont is definitely incredible. Don’t have a personal car? Consider renting one and enjoy a fall vacation in this northeastern state.

Where To See Vermont’s Fall Foliage

Where can travelers best experience the fall foliage in Vermont? Since the Green Mountain State has three-quarters covered in beautiful forests and mountains, there are many spots to see the foliage. Some of the best places to view fall foliage in Vermont include the Kingdom Trails, Mount Mansfield, Vergennes, Quechee State Park, Somerset Reservoir, Burlington, and Green River Reservoir State Park. All of these spots offer incredible outdoor opportunities like fishing, kayaking, and camping to make a Vermont fall vacation memorable.

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Things Not To Miss On A Vermont Fall Vacation

A fall vacation in Vermont comes with plenty of activities to make an unforgettable trip. One of the best things to do in the fall is hiking some of the state’s best trails. Hiking is undoubtedly one of the most impressive ways of celebrating fall in Vermont. Looking for the perfect hikes with the most breathtaking foliage views? Sterling Pond Trail, Stowe Pinnacle, Mount Hunger, Libby’s Outlook, and Mount Philo are the most spectacular!

Biking is another great way of celebrating fall in Vermont, and there are many tours and trails to choose from. Some of the best biking trails in Vermont include Stowe Recreation Path, Missisquoi Raul Trail, and Lake Memphremagog.

There are interesting fall festivals and special events all over the state to celebrate. Some of the best are Colors of the Kingdom Autumn Festival in St. Johnsbury, Old Fashioned Harvest Market in Underhill, East Charlotte Tractor Parade in East Charlotte, and Autumn on the Green in Danville.

There are other activities to enjoy doing in Vermont in the fall, including picking apples, visiting corn mazes and pumpkin patches, exploring wineries, shopping at a farmers’ market, and touring Vermont’s towns, like Burlington and Stowe.

Is visiting Vermont in the fall worth it? Of course! With so many things to do in Green Mountain State, fall is definitely a perfect time to go on a vacation.

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