West Virginia tourism releases 2022 fall foliage map

Peak fall foliage will emerge in late September in the Allegheny Mountains. (Map courtesy W.Va. Dept. of Commerce)

The West Virginia Tourism Office has released its 2022 predictive map for fall foliage, estimating the peak of the leaf-peeping season to begin in the Allegheny Mountains in late September.

The end of the peak should fall one month later, at the end of October, in the West Virginia lowlands in the northern panhandle, the Shenandoah Valley, and in the state’s southwestern coalfields.

Weekly fall foliage reports will be updated through the W.Va. Division of Forestry.

Fall Getaway Packages

The Tourism Office is also marketing fall getaway packages coinciding with the season.

Stay up to date on fall fun!

Find out more about what the state has planned with its Guide to Fall Fun.

Download the Map

Fans of autumn can explore a live leaf map that will provide real-time updates on seasonal shifts. Mobile users may click here to access the map.

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