Miller, West Virginia State leaders discuss needs of the future during visit

INSTITUTE, W.Va. — As U.S. Congresswoman Carol Miller’s (R-W.Va.) district would change in the upcoming year due to redistricting if she’s re-elected, she has made it a goal to get into those new areas and meet constituents.

Miller visited West Virginia State University’s campus in Kanawha County on Monday to meet with President Ericke Cage, students, faculty, and staff as the institution began its second week of classes for the 2022-23 academic year.

Miller, who currently serves the 3rd Congressional District would serve a new 1st Congressional District if re-elected in November. She told MetroNews she sees visits like Monday’s as an ‘opportunity to meet new friends.’

“I am a people person and I am in Congress for people, the people of this district. I want to meet as many as I can. I want to understand what their needs are, where they are coming from, what their vision is, and how we can put it all together and move forward,” Miller said.

Miller and a group of representatives from West Virginia State University (WVSU) walked through campus for a tour that included a stop at Ferrell Hall to meet with administrators. Miller and Cage then met with students taking science courses at Hamblin Hall as the group watched class for a few moments.

A bus tour of the campus showed Miller the Washington Avenue side of campus and athletic facilities including softball, baseball and football fields. The group toured the Cole Complex which includes WVSU’s nursing program and then visited the Integrated Research and Extension Building.

“I enjoyed the agriculture aspect we ended with as well as the nursing programs, which are so important right now for West Virginia. We have such an important void to fill with nurses,” Miller said.

Miller added that she understood the wants and needs for certain funding by Cage and his administration as ‘they are growing and adapting to the future.’

Cage told 580-WCHS in Charleston that it is important for partners, like Miller, to know what WVSU is doing and what vision he has for the future.

“Congresswoman Miller had an opportunity to see the work that we are doing in our nursing department, the work in other academic classrooms and the work we are doing in our extension program. We are making an impact and our federal partners play such an important role in advocating for us,” Cage said.

“Like most institutions of higher education, we want to continue to grow. We do have some needs in terms of infrastructure on our campus. It’s something we’ve tried to show Congresswoman Miller during her visit today (Monday).”

The group’s morning also included a stop at the Katherine Johnson Plaza. The campus plans to celebrate Katherine Johnson Day on Friday at 10 a.m. for a short program and wreath laying.

Cage said the day is another exciting way to begin the academic year. He said things are different without all of the COVID-19 restrictions in place.

“We are in our new normal. It looks a lot like it did before the pandemic but there is a lot of excitement, a lot of energy. A lot of the classrooms we toured this morning (Monday), you could see it in the faces of students who liked being back in the classroom,” Cage said.

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