Three bombs suspected across West Virginia town with church evacuated and courthouse device detonated

Police are responding to three suspected bombs including at a church and a federal courthouse in a West Virginia town, according to local reports.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported on Monday that officers in Bluefield had detonated a suspicious device found inside a federal courtyard and evacuated a church as they searched for a second bomb.

Police chief Dennis Dillow said that authorities believe there may be a third bomb at a suspect’s home. A spokesperson for the Bluefield Police Department told The Independent that there was an ongoing incident and that the FBI was at the scene.

According to the Telegraph, a bomb squad from the state’s capital city of Charlestone entered the federal courthous in Bluefield around 10:30am local time on Monday and performed a controlled detonation.

Around 1:10pm, bomb squad units were also seen preparing to enter the Westminster Presbyterian Church, and by 2pm began moving to a nearby house.

Police said that one person is in custody but declined to give more details. An agent from the Federal Protection Service, part of the Department of Homeland Security, was also involved.

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