Three killed in West Virginia plane crash

Three people have been killed after a plane crashed in Marion County, West Virginia, local authorities have said.

Sheriff Jimmy Riffle told WV News a plane went down in the Mannington/Metz area of Marion County on Thursday evening.

He said that three casualties have been confirmed while more details are being investigated by responders at the scene.

“Folks are on scene,” Mr Riffle was quoted as saying.

“They’re trying to contain and get a handle on how big the crash site is.”

Authorities added that no information is available on the size of the plane or its destination.

According to 911 officials, the crash happened just after 7pm, when a small plane crashed near the community of Metz, reported 12 News.

In June a Vietnam War-era helicopter collided with a highway in West Virginia killing all six people onboard, according to authorities in Logan County.

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