Josh Wilson: West Virginia man found shot dead on vacation after giving ride to stranger

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA: A West Virginia man was found shot dead in Myrtle Beach after he offered a ride to a stranger, his widow has revealed.

Parkersburg resident Josh Wilson, 40, who was vacationing in South Carolina with his family, was driving back to his hotel in Myrtle Beach last month when he stopped at a gas station, where a stranger asked for help, states a report by The Sun. Josh agreed to give him a ride but said he would do so only after dropping his family off at the hotel.



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Doing as he said, Josh dropped his wife and son at the hotel and went back to the gas station without knowing this was his last time seeing his family. “I didn’t think anything of it because he does it all the time,” Staci said. “He was always kind to everybody. It didn’t matter if you were homeless, a struggling addict, if you was rich. He was nice and he tried to help out everybody and that’s how we got in this situation.”


Later that day, Wilson was found wounded in his car. The Horry County Coroner’s Office said that Josh was found with bullet wounds in his car at around 1 am on July 6, 2022. According to police, officers headed towards 8th Avenue North and Kings Highway after hearing multiple gunshots, and there, they found Wilson wounded in his car.

While it is still unclear exactly what happened at the gas station, police believe that the stranger who asked Josh for a ride was not the person who shot him. Police have not identified that stranger, who has not come forward. Rather, police revealed that Josh came in contact with 35-year-old Quentin Ahmad Jean, who allegedly shot him multiple times after he dropped the stranger. The officials have charged Jean for the murder of Wilson, but what exactly happened with Josh is still a mystery.


Josh’s widow told The Sun News that she is “trying to stay strong for the kids. “I went to the beach with my husband and came back alone. He died a day before my birthday,” she said. “People were telling me happy birthday, but I don’t care. I honestly never want to celebrate it again.”

The couple would have celebrated their first wedding anniversary on October 16, 2022. Staci said that they had been together for six years. “He just always wanted to make sure that we were safe. He would not even let me sleep beside a door. I had to sleep away from the door and he had to sleep beside the door,” she said. “He wouldn’t let me pump my gas. He said a man should not sit in the car while the woman pumps gas.”


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